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Film Packaging Machines from Zappe -Proven Quality and Innovative Technology

Shrink Wrapping Machine

The full wrap packaging machine from Zappe ensures a perfect wrapping – for perfect sealing and shrinkage of goods of all kinds.

Blister Machine

Zappe configures your blister machine to measure, regardless of whether it is a manual, fully automatic or semi-automatic blister sealing machine

Banding Machines

Shrink wrapping, sleeve wrappers and shrink tunnels from Zappe adapted to your needs in every dimension and speed.

Shrink Tunnels and Shrink Lines

Zappe shrink tunnels and lines are characterized by flexibility andindividual equipment – regardless of whether it is the Starter, Basic or Professional version.

Skin Packing Machines

With your skin-packaging machine from Zappe you can pack your products safely and attractively – with a punched Eurohole on request.

Thermoforming / Deep Drawing Machines

The thermoforming and deep-drawing machines from Zappe are versatile and flexible. The precisely shaped plastic parts are suitable for a wide variety of applications.


Zappe L-Sealers are used to protect and promote your products. We offer versions from table-top to semi-automatic film sealing machines.

3D-Coating Machines

3D coating machines from Zappe coatwith a film the visible surface and all sides of a component with precise contours, leaving the underside completely free.