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The world is growing and evolving – Zappe keeps up.

We have been setting milestones in the development of film packagingmachines for over 60 years. Therefore, we are committed to the challenging role of developing more and more sustainable and innovative solutions.

As a family business, Zappe is characterized by long-term, future-oriented thinking and acting. A highly motivated cooperatively team is waiting for you. We possess common visions of cooperation and partnership across different cultures, genders and age boundaries. We are proud of the long-term sense of belonging of our employees. The identification of our workforce with Zappe is uniquely high.

With team spirit, passion and drive, you have the ideal prerequisites to become a wonderful member of the Zappe Power team.

Marcel Feist


Family Man

Marcel's Story

Marcel Feist has been a permanent and valued member of the final assembly team at Zappe for ten years. During this time, he has continued to develop in the areas of PLC programming and electrical planning. In private, he is the proud father of three little boys. The challenge of combining job and family is achieved through the support of Zappe in the context of flextime models, parental leave and part-time options. "For me, Zappe means family cohesion. We are the 'Zappe family'," says Marcel.

Sascha Schuchardt



Sascha's Story

Cycling in wind and weather! This is the start of a working day for Sascha Schuchardt. "It is the ideal of every designer and technology enthusiast to accompany his machine practically from the customer request to the final assembly and commissioning" points out Sascha. True to the motto "Special machines in series", every usage offers great challenges. As an experienced designer, Sascha supports the assembly staff as well as the execution of international customer approval tests.

Gizem Yildiz - Assistant to the Management



Gizem's Story

In August 2021, I joined Zappe Packaging Technology at the age of 22. After completing my training as an industrial clerk, I was looking for an interesting job in the technical area. As a prospective B.Sc.-Wirt.-Ing. I support the management in all aspects of the company's everyday life. I like to design new IT and business processes. I learn every day and am supported by a great team.

A. Deniz Yavuz - Mecathronics Technician



Deniz' Story

After completing his training as a meachatronics technician, Denis Yavus took his first professional steps working at Zappe Packaging Technology. After only one year, he actively and responsibly supports the final assembly and the service team. He masters independent commissioning in other European countries with the support of a collaborative team in the headquarters. About the service team, Deniz says: "It's just great fun to work there! It fascinates me how my colleagues stand by me and how everyone helps each other."