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Packaging Technology from Zappe

Zappe Packs It

Zappe provides film packaging machines that are perfectly tailored to your needs. No matter what size or quantity you want to pack – it’s a wrap with Zappe

Our Packaging Solutions

Packaging Machines Directly from the Manufacturer

We combine innovative technology with over half a century of experience as a successful packaging machine manufacturer. In practice, this means that we have the right answer to all of your packaging issues. Semi-automatic or fully automatic systems and film packaging machines you can rely on. Individually tailored to your tasks, irrespective of how challenging these may be: That is what Zappe stands for.

Application Examples of Our Machines


Consumer Goods

At the point of sale, attractive packaging, an optimized customer information area and the greatest possible product safety are decisive criteria for the purchase decision. In our large machine portfolio you will certainly find the ideal film packaging machine for your product. Take advantage of our many years of consulting expertise – we will be happy to advise you!


Medicine / Pharma

Medicine / Pharma - One thing is particularly important for medical and pharmaceutical products: sterile packaging. You can rely on solutions from Zappe: Our blister and sealing machines are ideally suited for pharmaceutical articles in sterile medical packaging. We certainly possess many years of experience in the cleanroom and offer our machines in hygienic designs.


Construction / DIY

Our range of bundle and collective packaging machines are ideal as sleeve wrappers forfurniture components, doors, mirrors, glass panels and other large-area products. No matter whether large or small, soft or hard: with us you will certainly find the machine that perfectly packages your construction or DIY products.



Industry has a wide range of requirements for the packaging of consumer goods. These can be, for instance, transport and corrosion protection, but also special product labelling. With our large selection of packaging machines, we support industrial customers with regard to the completeness of the packaging unit and advise them comprehensively thanks to many years of experience.



For electronic products, the protection from damp and humidity, the absence of dust and antistatic properties play an important role in the selection of packaging. Zappe offers you different solutions for the protection of electronic components, including safety during transport and attractive packaging at the point of sale.


Other Sectors

The use of Zappe packaging machines has numerous advantages for the entire storage, delivery and sales processes of your goods. The visible, transparent packaging allows retailers both an appealing and standardized presentation of the articles on the shelves -thanks to the well-known Eurohole- as well as a simplified inventory.


Innovation is Our Business

While our more than a half century of success on the market for film packaging machines provides a high measure of experience and reliability for you, we continuously look further ahead. We provide creative ideas and create useful innovations. As a result, we are today one of the leading manufacturers of packaging machines. We are not only on the cutting edge of development. We are also shaping the current state of the art in packaging technology with innovation, technical know-how and a highly motivated team.



More than 60 Years of Experience


More than 3600 Machines Produced


18 Motivated Employees

News from the Company

Cardboard blisters - We make our contribution to a sustainable future.

Increase your productivity and benefit from environmentally friendly packaging solutions with our state-of-the-art carton blister machine!

Zappe - Next Generation

An era has come to an end and a new one begins. For more than 60 years, Zappe Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH has been working for you with pleasure. On April 1, 2021, Zappe Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH will become Zappe Packaging Technology GmbH & Co. KG.

Is trade fair still in keeping with the times?

Sustainable solutions of tomorrow. The decision to be less present at industry trade fairs in the future also contributes to a strong reduction in environmental pollution. The selective visit to specialized and regional trade fairs will complement our digital strategy.