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Sleeve Wrapping Machine

For Collective Packaging of all kinds

Sleeve Wrapping Machines by Zappe – wrapping machines and shrink tunnels that adapt to your needs

The comfortable wrapping machines and shrink tunnels by Zappe are available in manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic versions. Your company will therefore get a professional group packaging machine that optimally adapts in every way to the requirements of your manufacturing and packaging process. We’ll take your individual requirements into consideration, select the right basic model together with you and then install the desired accessories for your group packaging machine. In order to make sure that nothing is missing and you don’t have anything you don’t need: Your custom-made sleeve wrapping machines – by Zappe Packaging Technology.

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From Semi-automatc Shrink Wrapping to Fully Automatic Sleeve Wrapper

Choose between the semi-automatic sleeve wrapping machine, the fully automatic wrapping machine and shrink packaging tunnel or the QUICK ENTRY-LEVEL MODEL

What best fulfils the demands for your new group packaging machine? A small machine that is extremely flexible and at the same time has many convenient features? Then have a look at the specifications of the „QUICK ENTRY-LEVEL MODEL“

Or do you prefer the semi-automatic version with continuous regulation of the conveyor belt speed, energy-saving hot-air circulation and pulse-controlled wrapping process?

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Basic Sleeve Wrapping Machine

Semi-automatic group packaging machine with locking mechanism for sleeve wrapping

Machine-type: BPA and VMS (semi-automati)

  • Compact machine consisting of sealing machine and shrink tunnel
  • Pneumatically operated sealing bar
  • Sealing profile with electronic temperature control
  • Automatic film loosener behind the sealing bar
  • Automatic goods removal
  • Film drive of the upper and lower flat film roll
  • Automatic unit counter (resettable for daily quantity and endless counting)
  • Heavy-duty shrink tunnels
  • Shrink tunnel with electronic control of the shrinkage temperature
  • Continuous adjustment of the conveyor chain speed
  • Shrink tunnel with intensive hot air circulation

Additional equipment

  • Film changing repository for 2 film widths
  • Automatic chain lubricator
  • Automatic product width detection
  • Cooling blower at the end of the shrink tunnel
  • Pressure bars

Fully Automatic Sleeve Wrapping Machine

Also available as a fully automatic sleeve wrapping machine with in-line feed or rectangular in-feed with multipack-system.
The fully automatic group packaging machine “Profi” from Zappe is ideally suited as a wrapping machine for furniture parts, copper plates, cable rings, doors, mirrors, glass plates and other large-scale products. Full integration into your production line can greatly increase your efficiency. Depending on the length and quality of the film, the packing capacity can reach up to 15 packs per minute. But the machine also has further optional features to offer.

Machine-type: BPVA

Machine Type: BPVA system consisting of

  • Sealing machine and shrink tunnel
  • Infeed conveyor belt 90° from left or right
  • Electrical insertion of the goods into the sealing station
  • Slider width and end stops for different pack widths are interchangeable or adjustable
  • Collection station for single and multi-row packaging arrangements
  • Pneumatically operated sealing bar
  • Air-cooled sealing bar
  • Pneumatically operated goods retainer
  • Electronic control of the sealing temperature with constant sealing wire temperature for optimal sealing results with minimal wear
  • Reinforced pulse sealing system for higher cycle rates
  • Automatic infeed of the upper and lower film reels
  • Automatic removal of goods in the sealing station
  • Machine control with Siemens SPS S7 - 1200 and touch display
  • Continuous adjustment of the conveyor chain speed

Additional equipment

  • Stacking system for two or more packaging rows on top of or next to each other
  • Automatic chain lubricator
  • Cooling blowers
  • Lateral pressure brushes

Sleeve Wrapping Machine QUICK-BANDING

The group packaging machine of the Quick series is our smallest sleeve wrapping machine, which features amazing standards. Our smallest sleeve wrapping machines are flexible and durable at the same time. Thanks to the lockable guide rolls, you can set up the wrapping machine and shrink tunnel flexibly in various locations.

Our smallest sleeve wrapping machines are flexible and durable at the same time. Thanks to the lockable guide rolls, you can set up the wrapping machine and shrink tunnel flexibly in various locations.

Quick Wrapper Machine

  • Compact machine consisting of sealing machine and shrink tunnel
  • Height-adjustable sealing table
  • Continuously adjustable goods filling plate
  • Proven pulse-controlled cut-off welding
  • Release welding wire for different kinds of plastics
  • Bar chain conveyor belt with continuously adjustable conveyor speed
  • Support rods covered with silicone hose
  • Energy-saving hot air circulation for even thicker shrink films

Additional equipment

  • Motorised sealing bar
  • Outfeed roller conveyor
  • Support bars of the conveyor chain in rotating design
  • Teflon mesh belt
  • Electronic control of the shrink temperature
  • Electronic control of welding wire temperature
  • Automatic removal of goods in the welding station