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Maintenance, Overhaul, Inspection - Comprehensive Services are Important for Us

Added Value for your Production

Regular Maintenance for Longer Operating Times and Better Performance

We carry out regular and preventive maintenance work on your packaging machines. We coordinate the routine intervals individually with you. Tailored to:

  • the degree of utilization of your system
  • the requirements of your company
  • your personal wishes and needs

Our goals: The optimization of machine performance, the increase of your operating times and the increase of your production reliability.

Upgrades for your Packaging Machines

Our Machines and Technologies can be Easily Retrofitted

Our packaging machines are designed in such a way that they can be easily upgraded or expanded. You can make many adjustments yourself thanks to intuitive machine guidance and good accessibility of the machine. And should it ever become more complex, we will take over the conversion or expansion for you, on your premises or at ours. This means that your system is always at the cutting edge of technology - so that your packaging machines can continue to grow with their tasks and requirements.

Advantages for your Company

Zappe Stands for Quality, Reliability and Durability

Provided they are adequately maintained, our machines and systems continue to perform well and achieve optimal packaging result even after many years of production use.

Should a malfunction occur, you can rely on our comprehensive range of services. Very competent employees at our telephone customer support ensure that problems are solved as quickly as possible. In addition, we offer our customers worldwide a fast supply of spare parts.We deliver standard items within 24 hours.In case of emergency, we are reliably at your side with an experienced service team.

Many of our customers also order a spare parts package as a precaution, in which we include the most important components individually tailored to the machine. In this way, you are immediately supplied in the event of an emergency and can minimize your downtimes. You receive original quality from us or our exclusive partners – for aprocess-reliable machine with a long service life.