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Perfectly Packaged - The Right Solution for Every Industry


Consumer Goods

Customer Oriented Presentation at the Sales Point

At the point of sale, attractive packing, an optimized customer information area and the greatest possible product safety are decisive criteria for the purchase decision. In our large machine portfolio you will certainly find the ideal film packaging machine for your product. Take advantage of our many years of consulting expertise – we will be happy to advise you!


Medicine / Pharma

Hygienic Purity for the Highest Demands

One thing is particularly important for medical and pharmaceutical products: sterile packaging.You can rely on solutions from Zappe: Our blister and sealing machines are ideally suited for pharmaceutical articles in sterile medical packaging. We certainly possess many years of experience in the cleanroom – and offer our machines in hygienic design.


Construction / DIY

Robust Sheathing for Large Volumen

Our range of bundle and collective packers are ideal as banding machines for furniture components, doors, mirrors, glass panels and other large-area products. No matter whether large or small, soft or hard: with us you will certainly find the machine that perfectly packages your construction or DIY products.



Protección para el Transporte y la Corrosion

Industria - La industria tiene una amplia gama de requisitos para el embalaje de bienes de consumo.



Protection Against Moisture, Humidity and Impacts

For electronic products, protection from moisture and humidity, the absence of dust and antistatic properties play an important role in the selection of packaging. Zappe offers you different solutions for the protection of electronic components, including safety during transport and attractive packaging at the point of sale.


Other Sectors

High Productivity and Fast Conversion for External Service Providers

The use of Zappe packaging machines has numerous advantages for the entire storage, delivery and sales processes of your goods. The visible packaging allows retailers both an appealing and standardized presentation of the articles on the shelves, known as Eurohole, as well as a simplified inventory.