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Electronics - Dust-free and Antistatic Coating

Our experienced consultants are familiar with the special features of the electronics industry and will be happy to support you in selecting the optimum packaging system adapted to your specific needs. In doing so, we also take into account potential risks that may arise during the packaging process, during transport or due to climatic conditions.

  • We prevent damage from electric shock, for example, by designing the film, by using composite materials or by using cardboard packaging with antistatic and conductive properties.
  • In the case of skin packaging, we absorb pressure and impacts by fixing your products to the carrier material.
  • For blister packaging, we increase the film wall thickness to protect against impacts.
  • To protect electronic components from irreversible damage caused by climatic influences such as humidity and moisture, desiccant bags, for example, are also sealed, skinned or blister-packed.
  • The choice of foil or aluminium composites can also provide a moisture barrier.

No matter which electrical component you want to protect and package: Take advantage of the competence and know-how of our consultants - we are happy to advise you!