Thermoforming machine

Thermoforming machine

Your thermoforming machine by Zappe – the versatile thermoforming machine for accurately moulded plastic parts

They are pretty-much indispensable in everyday life: vacuum-moulded parts manufactured with the help of thermoforming machines. Whether the typical tarys in boxes of chocolates and chocolate advent calendars, yogurt cups, game box inserts or blister moulds.

But the application area of thermoforming machines is in fact much larger. Thermoformed parts are today used in machine and plant construction, in the automotive industry, for the interiors of fridges and freezers, for front doors, stage sets and much more. All of these parts are often no longer made using injection moulding, but are produced in thermoforming machines.

The easy and safe use of thermoforming machines by Zappe

Thermoforming machine

SKA 200 100 T

The exact procedure for the production of thermoformed parts depends on the actual vacuum thermoforming machine you choose. With the Zappe vacuum forming machine Basis, a thermoforming tool is located on the moulding table with the corresponding forms of the desired vacuum-moulded parts. Pneumatically controlled, the heating shield drives over the plastic film or plastic sheets (such as ABS, PVC, PS, PET, PC, etc.) on the moulding table and heats up the film.

Once the forming temperature has been reached, the vacuum table with the thermoforming mould drives into the plastic film. The vacuum pump evacuates the air, so that the lpastic film covers the thermoforming mould like a second skin. The vacuum time is steplessly adjustable in order to produce thermoforming parts of different heights in just the right way.

If necessary, compressed air can be used to pre-stretch and evenly draw the material in order to support the forming process. The pre-blowing duration and air flow are adjustable.

Finally, the clamping frame opens automatically and the thermoformed product can be removed manually. The closure of the clamping frame is operated pneumatically.

From the compact Starter QUICK-THERMOFORM to the Basis thermoforming machine or the fully automatic Profi series vacuum forming machine – which vacuum forming machine is best suited for your purposes?

Thermoforming machine

SKA 200 100 T

Which thermoforming machine best suits the thermoforming operations you require? The Starter model „QUICK-THERMOFORM“ is a particularly compact low-cost alternative. Find out more about the „QUICK-THERMOFORM“here.

A far more convenient layout for higher quantities is provided by the tried-and-tested Basis model:

The Zappe Basis vacuum forming machine – a compact thermoforming machine with comprehensive standard equipment

The compact thermoforming machine for plastic with integrated vacuum pump stands on height-adjustable feet. Through selection on the modern touch panel control, you can choose between a semi-automatic procedure for manual operation and automatic operation. Once the parameters have been set, the set cycle runs fully automatically until the end.

The Basis vacuum forming machine provides an extensive basic configuration and is also customizable in a variety of ways to fit your specific requirements:

Basis thermoforming machine

Vacuum forming machine

Machine type: SKA -T

  • Automated movement
  • Several heating circuits with separate heating control and separate temperature sensors
  • Pneumatically moving heat screen, clamping frame and form table
  • Dual cooling fan on the form surface, infinitely variable in three axes of motion
  • Electrical and mechanical equipment with German industry standard

and much more – please feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to put together the thermoforming machine that best suits your requirements!

In addition, you can choose from many options to customize your thermoforming machine:

Equipment options for Basis thermoforming machine:
  • Additional separate bottom heating for processing of thicker thermoplastics up to approx. 10 mm wall thickness
  • Cooling/heating unit for temperature control of forming moulds
  • Water spray cooling
  • Vacuum tank
  • Pneumatic pre-stretching device
  • and many more customization options. What should your thermoforming machine be able to do? Talk to us – we’ll make it possible!

The Pro version of the Zappe thermoforming machine – high performance and convenience

The Pro version of the thermoforming machine from Zappe leaves nothing to be desired in the production of deep-drawn parts.

Thermoforming machine

SKVA 3550 T W

It is equipped with a cooling plate for water cooling the forming moulds, with a pneumatic/hydraulic punching machine, with a high-performance vacuum pump, piece number control and much more. We’d be happy to advise you regarding the optimal equipment of your thermoforming machine.

Other features include:

Profi thermoforming machine

Machine type: SKVA -T

  • Automatic discharge of thermoformed parts
  • Automatic punching system for punching of multi-cavities
  • Depending on the forming size, several separate heating circuits with individually adjustable temperature for ideal adjustment of forming temperature
  • Cooling plate to keep the temperature of the mould at an ideal level

and much more – just let us know what you need. We’ll get it done!

Or do you manually produce smaller quantities? Then the QUICK-THERMOFORM might be just the right model for you

The low-cost model is a small and compact machine with adjustable heating temperature.

Thermoforming machine


The running time of the whisper-quiet vacuum pump of the space-saving thermoforming machine is as long as you wish. Our smallest thermoforming machine is also suitable for the manual production of blister covers, trays and other vacuum formed parts made of thermoplastics.


Which properties should your thermoforming machine have? Talk to us, and we’d be happy to construct a customized vacuum forming machine for you!