Skin packaging machine

Skin packaging machine

With your skin packaging machine by Zappe, you can pack in a safe and appealing way

With your skin packaging machine by Zappe, you can create real added packaging value. Scratched surfaces, lost parts and unreadable labels are now a thing of the past. When using VCI skin film and skin cardboard, your products are even protected against corrosion.

In addition, the skin packer ensures that your products are presented at the point of sale or directly at the customer in a just as appealing way as you would present the packaged goods for a catalog. Because, the products will arrive at the final customer or retailer in exactly the way they were placed on the skin cardboards. On request, ready to hang with automatically punched euro slot.

Skin machines directly from the manufacturer – this is how your Zappe skin packer works

The skin cardboard lying on the loading table is loaded with the products to be packaged and then pushed onto the vacuum table. For your sales support, you can provide the carton on one or both sides with your company logo, advertising and information (e.g. your company logo in scatter print, product descriptions, etc.).

Already in the basic version, the plexiglass safety door closes automatically, causing the packaging process to be triggered: Pneumatically controlled, the heating screen runs over the skin film, until it is ready to skin.

Skin packaging machine

SKA 100 100

After the continuously adjustable heating time has elapsed, the vacuum table moves up, the heating screen returns, whereupon the built-in vacuum pump evacuates the air, so that the skin film is wrapped around your product like a second skin.

After this, the clamping frame opens automatically and the finished skin pack can be removed.

The compact “QUICK-SKIN”, the solid basic skin packer or the professional fully automatic skin machine – the choice is yours

Depending on the size, the required speed and the degree of automation required for your skin packaging machine, one of our three basic models will surely fit your requirements. In addition to the extensive basic features, you can choose from numerous customization possibilities – directly from the skin machine manufacturer Zappe.

Find out more about the entry-level model „QUICK-SKIN“, which is an economical solution for small packaging volumes.

Or is the semi-automatic skin machine with comprehensive basic features and a variety of customisation possibilities the ideal solution for you?

Our Basis skin packaging machine – perfect skin process without tools

Skin packaging machine

SKA 3550

The Basis skin packaging machine is a mobile unit on lockable swivel castors. With this skin packer, the entire skin process is possible without the use of tools.
The standard features include a heating control with solid state relays, a low-noise ejector vacuum pump with high vacuum power, and built-on shears for trimming and separating the finished skins. The technology of the skin machine has a modular design and can be expanded step by step.

Here are some of the features of the Basis skin packaging machine:

Basis skin machine

Semi-automatic skin machine

Machine type: SKA (semi-automatic)

  • Automatic course of movement after start-up
  • Energy savings of up to 60% due to standby function
  • Mounted or separately standing guillotine shears
  • Mobile system on lockable swivel castors

and much more – please feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to put together the ideal skin machine for your requirements!

Make use of additional options to customize the skin machine to suit your skin procedures

Selection of options for the Basis skin machine:

  • Comprehensive thermoform kit for the production of deep-drawn components
  • Pneumatic punch for euro slot or other punching requirements
  • Roller conveyors for skinning of particularly heavy parts
  • Acceleration of cycle time through installation of vacuum tank

and much more. We can also adjust the working height of the skin machine according to your wishes at no extra charge.

We’ll provide you with the individual skin machine tailored to your wishes – just get in touch!

Also available as a fully automatic professional version – the skin packer by Zappe

Skin packaging machine

SKVA 3858

The fully automatic SKVA skin packaging machine in the “Profi” version consists of a loading table with four workstations for loading the skin cardboards with products, an automatic skin station and an automatic longitudinal and cross cutter for trimming the finished goods.

The skin machine can be operated by means of selector switches both in a single as well as continuous cycle, whereby an integrated vacuum tank is installed for cycle acceleration.

Further features include:

Profi skin packaging machine

Fully automatic skin packaging machine

Machine type: SKVA

  • Energy-saving heating with short heating-up time
  • Functional sequence with memory-programmable Siemens control
  • Automatic goods discharge
  • Automatic separation of the package from the skin film reel
  • Optional with automatic longitudinal and cross cutting system

and much more – just let us know what you need. We’ll get it done!

Do you only have small packaging quantities? Then we recommend our QUICK-SKIN

The starter model QUICK-SKIN is ideal if you only have small packing quantities to process.

Skin packaging machine


Even with our smallest model, you can regulate the heating temperature steplessly, in order to simply manufacture self-service packaging and transport packaging. And the QUICK-SKIN can also be used as a thermoforming model.


What features do you require for your skin machine? Contact us, and we’ll be happy to provide you with the ideal made-to-measure skin packer!