Shrink wrapping machine

Shrink wrapping machine

The shrink wrapping machine by Zappe – all-around perfect sealing and shrinking

With a shrink film packaging machine by Zappe, you can completely seal and shrink wrap all kinds of goods. The material to be packed is first wrapped in film and then sealed at both sides. After that the shrink tunnel ensures a perfect fit of the wrapping around the product contours.

The application areas of the shrink wrapping machine are extremely varied. Particularly since we will provide you with the model that is ideally tailored to meet your specific packaging needs.

Depending on the model and equipment, the machine can be mobile, provide a choice of either just sleeve wrapping or full wrap-around packaging, automatically recognize the packaging heights and lengths, adapt the film drive accordingly, and much more.

Always the right shrink wrapping machine – whether entry-level QUICKPAC, semi-automatic basic machine or fully automatic pro version

VM 1512 + VT 212

What do you want your shrink wrap packaging machine to do? Should the group packaging machine with shrink tunnel be particularly compact and flexible? Is an electronic control of the sealing temperature for optimum sealing results and minimal wear especially important to you? Or is the perfect integration into your production line particularly important when it comes to your shrink wrapping machine?

We will make sure you get exactly what you need from us to ensure an optimal work routine. In accordance with the available space, the required mobility, the desired degree of automation and your budget, we will customize and optimize your shrink wrapping machine in a way that will exactly fit your particular tasks.

You choose a model of the packaging machine for shrink film and then choose the needed option(s) from the comprehensive additional equipment

Which shrink wrapping machine is the right one for you? Already the fully equipped entry-level version enables fast and economical packaging. Find out more about the manual shrink wrapping machine „QUICKPAC“ here.

Or is the basic version of the packaging machine for shrink film in the semi-automatic version of the machine type HVM the right packaging machine for you?

The variety of application possibilities of the semi-automatic shrink film packaging machine “Basis”

HVM 2465

With the proven semi-automatic shrink film packaging machine “Basis” by Zappe, you can fall back on a machine with comprehensive basic equipment and high flexibility. The machine is equipped with height-adjustable goods loading plate and sealing, so that you can even deal with different product heights with only one machine.

Features of the basic equipment include:

Semi-automatic shrink film packaging machine

Machine type: HVM (semi-automatic)

  • Compact machine consisting of sealing machine and shrink tunnel
  • Energy-saving hot-air circulation
  • Pulse-controlled sealing system for PO and PE films
  • Film double roll carrier for increased flexibility

and much more.

Furthermore, you can also choose from numerous options, so that we can put together for your individual shrink film packaging machine:

Equipment options for semi-automatic shrink film packaging machine Basis:

  • Automatic indexing conveyor belt
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • Pneumatically operated sealing jaw
  • Cooling fan at the end of the shrink tunnel

and many more options. We would be happy to put together the ideal packaging machine for you. Please feel free to get in touch with us!

Also available as a fully automatic shrink wrapping machine

VPVA 248

The packaging machine for full wrap-around automatically adapts to different package heights and lengths and adapts the film processing accordingly. That means that the machine detects the product dimensions despite chaotic goods supply, and packs your products with optimum film consumption.

Here are some additional optional features of the fully automatic packaging machine for shrink films:

Shrink wrapping machine

Machine type: VPVA (automatic)

  • Film reel monitoring
  • Film exchange magazine for two different film widths or strength
  • Weekly clock for the shrink tunnel
  • Selector for sleeve wrapping / full wrap-around packaging

and much more. Which features do you need? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Or is the entry-level version “QUICKPAC”” the right shrink wrapping machine for your requirements?

Already the entry-level version “QUICKPAC” is a comprehensively fitted


shrink film packaging machine that enables quick and economical packaging. The film roll dispenser and the goods loading plates are integrated. A sealing jaw with magnet closure ensures even sealing results. The impulse sealing control is carried out with infinitely variable sealing and cooling time and much more.


Which shrink wrapping machine is the right one for your individual tasks? Please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to put together the best-possible custom-made shrink wrapping machine for you!