Zappe L-sealers – to protect and promote the sales of your products

Packaging can be this simple: With an L-sealer by Zappe you can pack a variety of products safely and attractively either individually or as a bundle. Whether car accessories, CDs, books, stationery, printed matter, food or laundry, textiles and even mattresses – wrap your products with transparent film, sealed and closed on all four sides.

Particularly the combination of L-sealer and shrink tunnel enables the simple and safe storage, complete shipping and attractive delivery of your goods to their final destination. The centre-folded film that is placed around your package and sealed all the way around in the L-sealer is then shrunk in the shrink tunnel so that the film tightly wraps around the respective article.

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From table device to semi-automatic film sealing machine

VM 128

The packaging procedure is quick and easy to carry out. The goods are put in the centre-folded film, the sealing jaw is closed and the packaged goods are completely sealed. n the next step, the wrapped goods are either taken out by hand or automatically removed and collected. As needed, the packaged goods can then be shrunk in a hot-air tunnel.

We can quickly work out together which version and which level of automation best suits your particular tasks. No matter whether manual table device or semi-automatic L-sealer.

Table L-sealer or semi-automatic L-sealer – the right model by Zappe for every need

The semi-automatic Basis film sealing machine is based on a mobile L-sealer, standing on lockable swivel castors. The height of the sealing table can be adjusted in several positions to optimally adjust the machine to a variety of different heights of the packaged goods.

Even the basic configuration of the Zappe L-sealer Basis is rather extensive:

Basis L-sealer

Semi-automatic film sealing machine

Machine type: VM (semi-automatic)

  • Pulse sealing system with infinitely adjustable sealing and cooling time
  • Patented magnetic sealing jaw lock
  • Film double reel carrier for 2 film widths

and much more. We’d be happy to put together just the right machine for you – talk to us!

VM 176 Air cushion cover

In addition, we can offer you numerous options with which to customize the L-sealer to your particular requirements:

Equipment options Basis L-sealer:
  • Pneumatically operated sealing jaw
  • Automatic indexing conveyor belt of goods
  • Loading table fan

and many other possibilities. Which characteristics should your ideal semi-automatic L-sealer have? We will gladly advise you and make it happen!

Or is a table L-sealer best suited for your specific needs?

Then the robust, high-performance and compact Starter model may be what


you need. The table machine knows to convince with a sealing jaw magnetic lock, steplessly adjustable goods loading table and a pulse sealing with infinitely adjustable sealing and cooling time.

The table L-sealer also provides access to a socket, to which you can, for example, connect a hot air blower.


What properties should your L-sealer have? Contact us, and we’ll be happy to provide you with the ideal made-to-measure L-sealer!