Blister sealing machine

Blister sealing machine

Your custom-made blister machine – the manual, fully automatic or semi-automatic blister sealing machine by Zappe

The use of blister machines has many advantages for the entire storage, delivery and sales process of your goods. The display package enables dealers to ensure an appealing and standardised presentation of the articles on the brackets known as euro hole, as well as a simplified inventory.

When using a blister machine, customers can rely not only on hygienic packaging but also on the fact that all items in the package are actually included, which might not always be the case with a simple cardboard box. And last but not least, the shiny appearance and the dimensional stability of a professional display package make your articles even more attractive for commercial packing.

Because your blister machine should be as multifaceted as the articles that are produced – your custom-made blister sealing machine by Zappe

Blister sealing machine

BSA 3550

As a blister machine manufacturer with many years of experience, we know: When it comes to blister sealing machines, the requirements of our customers are just as varied as the products that need to be packed. Because no matter whether you want to safely pack smallest memory cards, whole sets of batteries, sensitive light bulbs or high-quality tools, or whether you wish to pack pharmaceutical products or implants in sterile medical packaging, the machine has to be compatible with your requirements. The same applies for the speed of making the blister packaging, the number of desired work stations and the degree of automation.

At Zappe you get just the right machine for every type of packaging – and the type of packaging that best fits your purpose: whether classic blister, sandwich packaging, cardboard-cardboard packaging or even plastic-plastic packaging.

Are you not sure what type of packaging you require? Then please feel free to get in touch with us. We’d be happy to advise you!

Zappe provides everything with individual features – from the entry-level QUICK-BLISTER and semi-automatic blister machine to the fully automatic professional blister sealing machine

Which blister machine is the right one for you? Even the entry-level “QUICK-BLISTER” enables a seamlessly adjustable sealing temperature, duration and pressure. Find out more about the manual blister sealing machine  „QUICK-BLISTER“, which already includes convenient and comprehensive features.

Or is the semi-automatic basic version of the machine type BSA with two working stations the right blister machine for you? It is available in different sizes.

Large variety of application possibilities for the blister machine “Basis”

Our blister machine is ideally suited for the production of sales packaging and blister covers made of cardboard or paper. The sealing machine can be used for the production of sterile packaging in the medical sector. Already thermoformed blister caps are sealed with the counterpart through pressure and heat.

Here you can find out more about the specifications of the semi-automatic blister machine by Zappe.

Blister machine Basis

Semi-automatic blister sealing machine

Machine type: BSA (semi-automatic)

  • Turning table for two sealing tools
  • Quick-change system for sealing tools
  • Pneumatically operated sealing stamp
  • Two-hand safety starting release
  • Painted with dual-colour resistant plastic structure lacquer

and much more – please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to put together the best-possible blister sealing machine for your requirements!

As a manufacturer of blister machines, we can customize your machine to your individual requirements. For example, you can choose from the following options:

Options and accessories for Basis blister sealing machine:
  • Safety light grids for improved rates: the operator merely has to start the machine, while the safety light grid monitors all hazardous movements (rotation of the tool holder, stamp, cardboard application and pickup of finished packs) and stops it immediately when it registers any interference in the system. While the machine is running, the operator can already prepare the next packs. Thus a maximum output quantity can be achieved
  • Double blister card magazine with removable sliding carriage left/right for double the capacity of blister cards or shorter changeover times to new formats; magazine with indexing system for exchange within 30 seconds

Also available as a fully automatic blister sealing machine

The fully automatic blister sealing machine BSVA knows how to convince by its convenient touch-panel control, automatic blister card application, packed goods acceptance, an electronic control of the sealing temperature and even more.

Some of the features include:

Fully automatic blister sealing machine

Machine type: BSVA (fully automatic)

  • Standing on swivel castors or adjustable feet
  • Machine adapted for sedentary work
  • With 4 work stations for automatic blister packaging:1. Manual placing of filled blister caps2. Automatic application of blister cards from a card magazine3. Automatic sealing station4. Automatic packaging un-loading

Blister sealing machine

BSVA 2535

  • Quick-change system for sealing tools
  • Return conveyor belt running either to the right or to the front

and even more – feel free to contact us and let us know what you desire!

Or should your blister sealing machine be particularly compact and flexible?

Then the “QUICK-BLISTER” entry-level model might be just the right one for you. Already the basic version has a wide range of equipment such as

Blister sealing machine


individual setting for the sealing temperature, duration and pressure, and an automatic operation after start with reproducible sealing results. As an option, you can also get the QUICK-BLISTER machine with sealing pressure monitoring and error display, electronic regulation of sealing time with settings with an accuracy of 1/10 of a second including an item counter, a version made completely from stainless steel and many other possibilities.


The blister machine fits your individual tasks? Please feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to put together the best-possible custom-made blister sealing machine for you!