About us

Zappe – there’s no such thing as impossible!

In order to ensure things run smoothly for you when it comes to packaging questions, we at Zappe like to think outside the box. As one of the leading manufacturers of packaging machines, we see it as our mission to provide you with suitable individual solutions.

Where others shy away because of problems, we really get going. Our motto is “There’s no such thing as impossible!”, and we always focus on solutions for our customers. We have been doing so for over half a century.

Customer orientation is in our blood – because who should we be more interested in than you?

We don’t even think of simply saying “this is our range of products – which ones do you want to buy?” Instead, we ask you: “What do you need? What demands do you have? What exactly do you want to achieve? Which machine is best for your packaging requirements? How big should the machine be? What degree of automation is required? Which aspects are particularly important to you?”

In that way, we can find the ideal solution for the shrink tunnel that is best suited to your applications, the skin machine that has just the right size for your business, or the semi-automatic or fully automatic blister machine to fulfil your specific requirements. No matter whether the best machine is already included in one of our standard entry level, basic or professional model series, or whether it would be best to make a customized special machine for you – our main focus is always on what you need.

Zappe GmbH

Bound by tradition, with the confidence of a wealth of experience

The company Zappe was founded in the year 1960. Starting in 1965, we have already specialized in film packaging machines. Since then we have continuously expanded our programme.

In addition to Germany and Europe, you can find our machines in all parts of the world. The fact that the name Zappe is also an obligation is something we are perfectly aware of.

Thus, we use our long-term experience to provide you with the high level of quality and reliability you are accustomed to.

But we don’t leave it at that. We are constantly developing further in order to be able to offer you the truly best solutions at all times.

Zappe – Innovation is our business

While our more than a half century of success on the market for film packaging machines provides a high measure of experience and reliability for you, we continuously look further ahead. We provide creative ideas and create useful innovations.

As a result, we are today one of the leading manufacturers of packaging machines. We are not only on the cutting edge of development. We are also shaping the current state of the art in packaging technology with innovation, technical know-how and a highly motivated team.

From Witten to the world – it’s a wrap with Zappe

Starting from our headquarters in the Ruhr city of Witten, we supply our shrink packaging machines, blister machines, skin machines and vacuum forming machines throughout the entire world. And our range of customers is just as varied:

Small and large companies alike rely on film packaging machines from Zappe. So, what can we do for you?